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Mobile Coolroom Hire Sunshine Coast

Having an outdoor event and need to hire a unique mobile coolroom with character and class? ​

We built our Coolrooms with your outdoor event in mind.  They'll look great in your photographs, are affordable, and will keep your drinks and food cold!

Hire rates start at $295/weekend - contact us for a quote for your special event!

Need to hire a toilet with character? 

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Our Story

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I went home to my brother's wedding in Canada where he'd hired a trailer that looked like a white box, but had nicer toilets inside and it was the talk of the wedding!  

A month later, I was at beautiful outdoor wedding here on the Sunny Coast, everything was stunning except for the two ugly portaloos in the corner.  

At one point in the evening I noticed the bride and two bridesmaids going over to the portaloos, one bridesmaid used the torch on her phone so the bride could see, and one bridesmaid held her dress and the door while the bride pees with the door open cause her dress wouldn't all fit in.  

I thought to myself; this insanity must stop.  

I did a thorough search online and could not find any portable toilets that were unique and had character, so I had a crack at building one myself with some talented mates.  My dad builds tiny homes in Canada, so it was fun drawing on that creativity from him.  

After the first few weddings with the Classy Loos we noticed a pattern of the white box mobile coldrooms being parked beside us.  I did the same exercise and could not find a mobile coolroom online that wasn't a white box with a large "HIRE ME" sign, mobile number, or big logo on the side of them - not exactly what you want in wedding photos. So we built the Classy Coolroom with the same unique character and class to go along with the Classy Loos.  

As a family we want to do this business together.  We use a portion of the profits to help build toilets in developing countries and model to our kids how to help others who don't have basic necessities.  There are 600 million kids who don't have access to safe, clean toilets at their school - this is a cause we are passionate about helping.  

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Servicing the Sunshine Coast, Queensland


Mobile: 0401 379 401

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